Lab Director


Stephen MascaroAssociate Professor

Office: 2020 MEK
Phone: (801) 581-7228
Lab: 2028 MEK (PH: 801-581-4767)
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Current Students


Chris AnjewierdenBS Student

Project: Anatomically Correct Hand Modeling
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Navid Fallahinia
PhD Candidate

Project: Fingertip Force Estimation via Finger Nail Imaging
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Sonoma Harris
PhD Candidate

Project: Visual Servoing for Finger Nail Imaging
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Brendan Howe
MS Student

Project:Control of Omni-directional vehicles
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Mohammadreza Mollaei PhD Student

Project: Wet SMA control
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Matthew PadgettPhD Student

Project: Super-coiled Polymer Actuators
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Joseph Seegmiller MS Student

Project: Force Feedback joystick
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James Tigue PhD Candidate

Project: Anatomically Correct Hand Tendon Modeling
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Alumni Students


Rayat Tyagi

 MS 2016

 “Omni-directional force feedback for assisted navigation of omni-directional robots” – (in preparation)
Jared Zundel

 MS 2015

 “Characterization of friction and moisture of porcine lingual tissue in vitro in response to artificial saliva and mouthwash solutions”
Raymond King

PhD 2015

“Development and validation of a bond graph tendon model of the human finger with the anatomically correct testbed (ACT) hand”
Cody Sarrazin

PhD 2015

“Sequential growth, regrowth, and control of polypyrrole-metal coil composite artificial muscles”
Thomas Grieve

PhD 2014

 “Automated calibration and registration using active appearance models for a fingernail imaging system”
Ryan Yardley

 MS 2012

 “Haptic characterization of human skin in vivo in response to shower gel treatments using a magnetic levitation device”
Leslie Flemming

 PhD 2012

 “Intelligent control of shape memory alloy actuator arrays with electric and thermofluidic inputs”
Jumana Abu-Khalaf

PhD 2012

“Optimization of stretchable fingernail sensor design for fingertip force direction estimation”
 Quinton Christensen

 MS 2011

“Three degree of freedom haptic feedback for assisted driving of holonomic omnidirectional wheelchairs”
 Matt Pierce

 MS 2011

“Design and optimization of a shape memory alloy actuated pump with thermofluidic feedback”
Joel Ertel

 MS 2007

“Design and modeling of a shape memory alloy actuated robotic heart”