3D Force Estimation in Grasping Studies Using Image Processing via Autonomous Robot

Navid Fallahinia, PhD Candidate

The objective of this research is three-dimensional force prediction during four-fingered precision grasping, without restricting the haptic sense of the subject or constraining the contact locations of the fingers. Current grasping experiments require either specified contact locations or the use of gloves that restrict the senses of slip, texture, temperature and vibration.

This research will enable a co-robot to detect the individual finger forces of a human partner using a technique that does not interfere with the human’s haptic sense. This ability could be used in a wide range of applications. It would allow a co-worker robot to mimic a grasp demonstrated by a human partner. For rehabilitative purposes, a robot could be used to detect whether the human partner is effectively performing the required exercises and adjust the workout as needed. A security robot might be trained to recognize hostile grasps and respond accordingly.